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Kind + Jugend 2018


European Patent EP2810586A1 – Inventor Patrick Herbault


Introducing, an Applied Kinematics innovation, the world first* width foldable changing pad!

The changing pad, which normally has a width of 43 cm, can be folded down to a width of 6 cm, which represents a reduction of 85 % in width.

The foldable structure is under the SMS patent and is obtained by combining multiple parallel layers:
- A foldable frame structure
- A set of superimposed vertical blades, the largest of which are the base of the structure, superimposed with medium-sized blades and finally the thinnest blades
- As an option the « 3D spacer fabric » for an optimized comfort

3D printing was used to create the prototype. It can support the weight of a baby up to 20kg.

A terry cloth and water repellent fabric has been added as a cover to put the baby on.

* as of September 11th 2015

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