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Introducing, an Applied Kinematics innovation, the world first* width stretchable « 3D spacer fabric »!

The « 3D spacer fabric » is fixated during the production process so it keeps its final dimension when used for the application.

For instance the dimension of 70 cm x 140 cm for a child mattress

In order to use the fabric with a foldable object, for which the width can be variable, the invention consists in keeping the fabric elastic without fixating the 3D spacer fabric.

The fabric can stretch from its original width up to a maximum of around +30%.

Moreover, from an aesthetic point of view, we believe the « 3D spacer fabric » brings an elegant, modern and sophisticated touch to the foldable object.

In the case of a chair, an armchair, a wheelchair… we can use the fabric for the seat and the back.

* as of September 11th 2015

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